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The Audio Section

Elektra's best Moments [D]

I also have some MPEG samples of Elektra's most interesting/funny lines, but they're from the German dub, so if you're interested...

Let's Go Elektra-san! [J]

This is an image song from the a Nadia soundtrack CD, in which Elektra introduces herself! Low quality, because it saves me space and encourages you to buy the CD...

MIDI Files, ZIP archive, 33 KB

This contains three MIDI files of Nadia BGM. Among them is the beautiful tune that plays e.g. at the end of episode 22, when the kids drift away from the sinking Nautilus. On top of this, there are 3 different versions of "Blue Water"!

The Lyrics, ZIP archive, 4.7 KB [J] [E]

The song lyrics for "Blue Water", "Manatsu no koibito" and "Yes I Will" (the ending theme), in three versions: JIS code, romanji and (except for the ET) an English translation!

The Literature Corner

Elektra by Sophocles, ZIPed ASCII text, 29 KB [E]

The ancient story of Elektra, a play written by Sophocles, translated by R.C. Jebb.

Elektra by Euripides, ZIPed ASCII text, 28 KB [E]

Another play with a slightly different storyline, written by Euripides and translated by E.P. Coleridge.

The opera, ZIPed HTML text, 30 KB [D]

The libretto of Richard Strauss's opera "Elektra", written by Hugo von Hoffmannsthal. This is in German.

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