Elektra's story

This is a translation of my exact transcription of what Elektra says in the German dub when talking about her past in episode 22, so it may differ (hopefully not too much) from what you have seen. And of course it also contains heavy spoilers for those who haven't yet seen that episode! Short descriptins of the visual part are in [square brackets]. By clicking on the images, you can see them in full size. I even have a sound sample of Elektra's first line! (in German, though)



Situation: Gargoyle's air battleship has defeated the Nautilus, which is sinking powerless into an undersea trench. Captain Nemo has just brought Nadia, Jean, Marie and King to his cabin. He enters the bridge where Elektra is awaiting him with a gun. She shoots and hits him in the arm. Nadia and Jean are eavesdropping over the comm unit.

My life already ended 13 years ago. On the day I changed my name and left my home country - No, on the day when you destroyed your own and our home country, captain!

Elektra & Brother

[Elektra as a child looks at Thartessos. Something explodes.]

Yes. The light was the beginning of everything. The Queen of Thartessos. She was your wife, and the light killed her.

[Marching soldiers. Fighting. Gargoyle]

The coup d'état of Thartessos that began with the murder of the Queen ended with the victory of the rebels. The leader of the rebels called himself Gargoyle. He changed the name of the kingdom Thartessos to New Atlantis.

[The crowd cheers for Gargoyle. Elektra with her family is among the crowd.]

He persuaded emperor Neo to reactivate the Tower of Babel that had been sealed for thousands of years.

[Pictures of the Tower and Blue Water]

Finally the tower gained back its natural power. But when Gargoyle tried to demonstrate his might with the help of the tower, the tragedy began, captain.

Elektra & Brother

[The Tower explodes. Inferno.]

For seven days, the light, the fire and the wind swept over our land. It was a sea of flames. The water and the earth swallowed everything. As if it were hell itself.

[Elektra awakes and wanders among smoking ruins.]

Our city had disappeared.


[She finds her brother's body, runs away and collapses in tears.]


My brother was dead. I slept two times. And then I met the first living man. That was you.


[Nemo and a group of survivors. He reaches out for Elektra. They continue together.]

Elektra and Nemo

I was very grateful towards this man who helped me.


[An older Elektra]

And when I noticed that it was love, I was the happiest woman in the world.

But then I had to hear... I... even though I didn't want to...

[Elektra listens at a door, exotic Music and voices in the background.]


You really want to raise her? But we will go through hell!


I have been prepared to do that for 5 years, since I found her. We have to fight Gargoyle to the bloody end.


You want to keep her with you to make up for what you did 5 years ago. You destroyed the Tower of Babel with your own hands.

[Elektra listens in shock]

3rd man:

There were no alternatives. You had to remove Blue Water, the control stone. The Tower of Babel got out of control and finally eliminated itself.

The terrible truth


And instead of your dead daughter you now want to keep this girl.


No. She managed to survive in hell. I only want to help her lead the life she wants to lead.


So you want to take her with you if she herself wants it?

3rd man:

There are as many ways to live as there are people.


But she can't live in hatred forever!

I hated you. I wanted to kill you. I understand why you removed the blue stones. If you hadn't done it, Gargoyle would already have destroyed the whole world 13 years ago.

But my parents, my little brother, all the many people who died back then would just like Nadia rightly ask:

Why did you, of all people, survive, captain?

I believed that killing Gargoyle and emperor Neo and shattering New Atlantis was your only goal.

I believed that you would sacrifice any amount of blood necessary to reach that goal.

Because of that I followed you all those years, believed in you, and loved you!

I didn't even care that you saw me only as your daughter. I only wanted to be close to you.

Yes. Until finally your real daughter Nadia appeared!

[Nadia's shocked face]

I was afraid that she would win your heart and take you away from me. But you didn't tell her that you are her father. Only the revenge on New Atlantis burned in you. But for me you stayed the man I loved.

Elektra cries

[She starts to cry]

But then... But then... your parental feelings did defeat you after all, captain! Why didn't you stay the man I loved?

[She shakes her head]

Good bye, captain Nemo.


No, stop! Please don't shoot


Come on, do it. I've known for a long time that you hate me. shoot me!


Of course!

[She misses four times, water starts to flow into the bridge]


I have one shot left. That's enough to kill you, captain.

one shot left


Go on!


First I want to know on thing. Why didn't you blow us up together with Gargoyle?


I couldn't make the same mistake I made back then.


Mistake? You mean when you destroyed our home country and all our relatives and friends ??


Right. I always wanted to finish what I had started. I lived only for that goal.


But why didn't you blow us up together with Gargoyle? Why?


You have been helping me for 13 years. You've been like a daughter for me. I never should have let you get involved in this.

The reason are... you, Elektra.



It's not fair to tell me that now. [lowers the gun]. Now I can't shoot you anymore. I'll use the last bullet for myself. [puts the gun against her temple] I give my life back to you, captain.

The end?
Don't do it!

[A shot is heard, we see Nadia's horrified expression. Then several still-frames of Nemo disarming Elektra]


It's not that easy. You have to live and cope with it, Elektra.

[She squats on the floor sobbing. BGM starts]

Dissolved in tears


No-one can live in hatred forever.

[Nemo pulls a lever]


Jean, Nadia... Good bye!

[The captain's cabin floats away from the Nautilus]

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