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Elektra Links

Other Nadia Links

Other Gainax Links

  • GAINAX Homepage [E] [J] [KR]

    The Homepage of Gainax, makers of Nadia!

  • Wings of Honneamise [E]

    A page with information about the first big project of studio Gainax, "The Wings of Honneamise" aka "Royal Space Force". If you don't know it yet, then you've missed a piece of anime history!

  • Gunbuster [E]

    A homepage about "Gunbuster" aka "Aim for the Top", another creation of Gainax.

  • Evangelion Homepage [E]

    A very extensive Homepage dedicated to studio Gainax's great anime series: "Shin Seiki Evangelion". It has everything the EVA fan needs, including reports on the two movies.


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